Quantifying Stress

Meditation tools to create everyday mindfulness in your life. Science to measure the health benefits of gaining mindfulness.

Biofeedback Around Mindfulness

We collect monthly hair samples from users through the mail. Our CLIA certified lab translates this into the average monthly cortisol levels viewable on a mobile phone.

Our Markets

We Work In Three Distinct Areas

Direct To Consumer

Public iOS mindfulness app coupled with biofeedback

  • Free guided meditation content.
  • Track progress and improve.
  • Premium optional cortisol monitoring.
Corporate Wellness

Bring meditation and data to your employees

  • Productivity proven to increase.
  • Reduced Turnover in your staff.
  • Less Stress means less sick days.

Improve enrollment in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

  • Relapse Reduction in depression.
  • Hardware dedicated iPhone per patient.
  • Follow on PHQ-9 to gauge performance.

In Collaboration With

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